Had a great lunch this week in downtown Toronto with a friend and collegue. The topic of leadership came up in the context of really invoking change into an environment. There are levels to which one must accept their ability to change the “world” that they are in. Jim Collins (www.jimcollins.com) talks about being a level 5 leader in whatever context you find yourself in. (listen to Creating a pocket of greatness @ http://www.jimcollins.com/hall/index.html as long as it is still posted).

I am still young enough and silly enough to believe that the world that I should be changing for the better is, well the whole world. The thought that has plagued me since that lunch is simple. Every leader I have ever known that has changed me and others has absolutley gushed passion. Jim Collins, theme here, in his book “Good to Great” talks about two qualities that every great leader in his study possessed. An unquechable desire to see the vision accompished, and humility. My biggest learning and challenge right now is how can I positively lead with more passion, conviction, and humility so that I might most effectively be a Christ follower who actually leads others to and through a thoroughly passionate life here and forever.