The issue should be understood I think simply: Christians that follow the often black and white (not to be confused with legalistic or right wing fundamentalist) teachings of the Bible are against the homosexual lifestyle. They are also against lying, cheating, hating, slandering, violence etc. In the end, all Christians are self condemning. They know they cannot possibly live up to the standards the Bible puts before them and will always have sin in there life that others can point to. This does not make them hypocritical – those who do not own up to this reality are hypocritical. It does give them a never ending growth curve to take them to the after life – kind of exciting really to have a righteous purpose for your whole life!

Many believe the true Christian response to the Gay marriage issue is screaming and yelling until we are heard. I am quite sure I do not agree. I do believe that Christians should be endeavoring to leverage their relationships with people to influence and make known there views on this matter – but the truth is their view on this matter is not ultimately what they need to be giving.

My point is this. The best thing I can tell anyone as a Christian is that the universe is held together by a Creator – God. That Jesus Christ is the facilitator of ensuring I can know God and experience the best parts of Creation for all eternity with Him, and that if someone is serious about discovering the depth of meaning that this life, but more importantly all eternity has to offer, they can find that through personally reading the Bible and letting it reveal the not so secret parameters of the universe.

To get bogged down in issues, even some that the Bible talks about, is to miss the big picture. Jesus did not come to condemn anyone, but to show us all that this life and eternity can be. I think we need to constantly start there, and then walk together and figure out the other things in the context of belief in Jesus Christ. If one does not believe in Jesus Christ, and if they are not open to the concept of what His existence means, than I would dare say I am naive to think that my passion about some of His teachings are going to be shared by anyone who really does not care to accept my premise that He is worth listening to in the first place.

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