Well a funny tidbit about me. I am simultaneously organized and well, not. I am detail oriented, but not. At my last job as a consultant I kept a pristine office. I dealt with everything in a viciously organized manner, and although I was very busy, I was able to maintain control as it were.

Well for three years I have felt out of control. Picture an old movie which is a life-u-mentary. You see a guy starting a business and doing what it takes to get the thing off the ground, working out of a basement, a dirty rented space etc. But as he progresses things get nicer, more established more polished and more together. Well I am hoping I am beginning a phase of “growing” up in this position. Part of the issue has been the absolutely massive portfolio I oversee. I don’t just push paper and request others to do the work: I paint, strategize, implement, hang stage lighting, plan, counsel, advise….

Alas what is my point. I have had everything mounting in my office from garbage – literally – from various sources – to stacks of paper to deal with, storage tyoe items etc. Well I think I am down to 2 stacks of paper. The goal: get to pristine and keep it there!! I will keep you posted.