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I finally have some decent concert shots to view: photo page
New CD Buried Thoughts is still fresh, you can buy or download it on the site.
We have finally landed at a home church where we seem to fit, it's great, and after five months I am slowly getting involved in worship. I will be leading my first service this Friday night, most likely solo with a little mac thrown in. Then in couple of weeks I lead at the main service.
This Sunday I am speaking and leading at the Well in Toronto, so it will be good to see my other family after a bit of time away.
As some of you know my day job is COO of a charity called FTC Canada (Feed the Children). It has been an intense couple of week as we had staff on the ground that needed support. We were able to get a medical team and medicines in fairly early and they are already back. You can read about what we are doing there by linking on the news and blog link from our site.
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