Paul Henderson of the “goal heard round the world fame” introduced David Toycen President and CEO of World Vision this morning at the Burlington prayer breakfast. He humorously remarked of his friend (paraphrased) “I can’t stand this guy, he is everything I wish I could be!” Humble remarks from a man who has helped and impacted so many through his own many years of post hockey ministry.

Comparing is tough. Defining success is very difficult. I think it is so important to stay positive and keep growing, keep moving forward. We all must do our little things, for little things build into a body of good work over time.

Today I go and take credit for the work of a wonderful team of staff and volunteers who make what we do possible everyday. Off to Moncton where tomorrow Speroway has already shipped 400 food boxes and 400 hygiene boxes to be delivered, starting tomorrow, to families in need in the greater Moncton area. I am privileged to be able to lead the team, but we all share in the work.

It has been great to release three songs this year to iTunes. Again, just trying to contribute and express the art within in the hopes that it actually touches someone.

My big encouragement for those who come here and read this blog is to do a little everyday you can. Work with others, lead if you should, follow if you should, learn, grow, use your talents and change the world, for good.

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