So one of my laments over the years has been the lack of ability to record and keep easily accessible demos of all the songs I have done. For obvious reasons, when you have written as many songs as I have and you are not performing and recording, well every year pretty much, unless you are diligent at writing them down and/or recording them, then you are in trouble.

I have always known that I have lost a few good ones, but lately I think it has become worse. In part because I have written so many “secular” songs that I am not really using in any venue right now.

Interesting the journey I am on in life (to me anyway). This CD project is pulling and pushing me to, perhaps, re-find my voice artistically.

Anyway, I did a concert 7-ish years ago, if you can believe it, at a friends photography studio downtown (link). He no longer has that place. I found a video tape of the concert, and have hence found several songs that I must consider now for recording. I am starting to think I am going to have to release a volume one and two under the same title a year a part or something.

Anyway, re-finding the songs in my hands and voice tonight. Very fun. Thought I would share.

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