My plan is to continue to share how my goals for the year are going, and to encourage readers here to regularly throughout the year re-boot as necessary to get/keep on track to having a great year of moving forward and achieving personal goals.

One goal I have not mentioned is getting in shape. Forgive my simplicity but I finally realized something, I needed to permanently change what I was eating. You see, I have been working out regularly for several years. My blood pressure, blood work, heart and general fitness were good but I was carrying too much weight. Diets always get you to omit and correct eating habits. The issue as we have all heard many times is once the diet is gone, then what? We return to our old ways and the pounds return as well.

I have finally embraced that I must change what I eat….forever. I must omit certain things forever. I must correct certain habits forever. Wow….

But I have done that in other areas of my life: spiritually, at work, in my marriage, with my kids. I have practiced instruments, even when I did not want to, certainly I can do this.

I have and continue to do it, and it is very difficult, but getting easier. I am not sure what the tipping point is, but I have embracedĀ  the change and I have lost 24 pounds so far this year. I have more to go, but I have every confidence that I will achieve it, and maintain it forever.

There is one very fun and interesting thing I am trying to do. Find new treats. Just because I have had to give up less than healthy habits, doesn't mean I can't find some really cool new ones. Exotic foods, unique recipes, changed workout routines, there is so much good to replace the old to make the new life not difficult, but exciting.

Like anything, there is change, transition and new processes. So how are you doing? If you feel like your goals are slipping, re-boot. Take this weekend and re-clarify how you are going to start/keep working towards your goals. Incremental change begets big change. Nothing begets, well nothing.

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