I am not officially done the studio, but, getting the majority of it done and getting the rig back up and running has had an immense lightening effect on the brain. So much so that I wrote a new song these past few days, and I really like it. It will definitely be on one of the two 3 song EPs I have committed to producing and releasing for download in June and September.
Lots of activity with the free download of my latest CD, and some great feedback as well. I must admit there is a real freedom I am experiencing currently as I have moved away mentally from trying to sell, sell, sell, towards creating. I know at some point I have to find a way to monetize something so that I can upgrade equipment etc., but for now I am going to keep creating music and see where it leads.
I also have to find a way to change this blog in the next couple of weeks as my host blogger has changed the game on me a little in terms of how I can post, so hopefully there will be no interruption.
Thanks for dropping in!!
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