I am learning something about the true meaning of the word discipline. I think historically I have seen it as a quality to revere in someone. A characteristic that I should always strive to have more of. An intellectual concept of great value when properly implemented, but in all of those thoughts, discipline is work. Not necessarily to be avoided, but not something to look forward to.
But something has changed in me over the past few months. Discipline is my tool. I own it, and use it with visionary focus to accomplish the things that I think I should. I wake up early and have started investing in my whole life using the tool of discipline. Whether it be developing spiritually, working out, writing a song, doing some brainstorming for work, planning family time or accomplishing some other goal, I am viewing discipline as I would a computer. It serves me, I don't serve it.
What a marvelous gift to me, I have a new powerful tool in my tool box to achieve more in this life!
PS You can have it too!!

Posted via email from Cliff Cline