Ok, my blog has been fairly devoid of cute kid stories, but this one I have to relate. I am still chuckling a simmering chuckle. I don’t know that I have ever laughed so hard in my life – and for those of you that know me that is saying something on the weirdness and volume meters.

The picture is my sisters living room, very cool and newly decorated I might add. We had just had a great meal around a unique and marvelous table. The conversation was animated and delightful as were all of the guests. So we moved into the living room and continued in the celebration of life that it was. Much laughter, joking etc. Hannah tends to not be a showboater. She likes to be loved and appreciated, but not necessarily the centre of attention. Last night she seemed to find something knee slapping funny – literally, and she kept doing these very facially and physically slow motion chariots of fire animated knee slaps while she laughed – in her own world. I lost it, I could not believe how funny it was, and even though I was laughing way too loud the whole room was in an uproar so she didn’t think it was about her, and she kept joining in thinking life was just hilarious.

Laughter is truly a healing balm. There is a lot to be said for the unconditional love and friendship that comes from family. For my part anyway, it makes me wonder why we chase occupations around the country and the globe at the expense of proximity to this heavenly gift.

Yes I know the answer is complicated and varying, but just give me this moment ok? Just one layer of the onion this time around.

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