My “day” job definitely gives me variety, tonight was no exception. My portfolios at church under the title Associate Pastor include, but are not limited to:

  • Music (Worship and the Arts)
  • Operational Finance
  • Facilities
  • Small Groups
  • Creative Communication (marketing and the like)
  • Strategic and tactical planning and implementation

There are more, but that should be the big headings. Anyway, I indulge myself, bad Cliff bad. Tonight was a facilities night. Our kids program is now headed by a great new pastor. She determined there is a need for some more and better classroom space – so in comes the project manager side of the facilities portfolio. We have some amazing volunteers who help with one-off projects as well as weekly tasks. Tonight was the one-off project crew which includes several from our church and a friend who is not. Man this guy is cool. Doesn’t even belong to the church and gives of his time and energy.

I lament there are not pictures to show tonight, I will try and get some over the net week or so, but it was a great night. Built two classrooms, all the drywall and the doors in in one night. I will sleep well, thanks guys!!

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