Ok, so I am releasing my goals very slowly, but that is because I am really trying to process this. I think I have increasingly become a happier more joyful person over the course of my life, but I still think I have to grow in this area.

For those that know me, I love to laugh. I have an embarrassing laugh, an incredibly loud laugh, but it doesn’t always come out of me very easily (some might disagree). I really have to find something funny.

It is kind of the same with me and happiness. I have a deep sense of blessing from God, and even when I get down, I remember my gorgeous wife of almost 14 years, our 4 healthy, wonderful children, and that alone brings me back. But I think I do poorly at the quicker, everyday hit of gratitude and thankfulness, a more present existential happiness.

I am reading, listening and learning a lot these days. One of the biggest things is being positive, having faith in God, and not having fear. So yes, 2011 is to be a year to be increasingly happy!! Did I mention not to worry? Is there a song in there somewhere?

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