One of the philosophical arguments for the existence of God is the universal belief in a greater power. One of the arguments against said thought is that humans are wrongly looking outside of ourselves for purpose or meaning, a crutch as it were.

Another approach to this question is: "Do we "create" God to fill a meaning void, or do we have a spiritual being, a soul, which senses a connection to something outside of ourselves, maybe something we are related to somehow?"

Western civilization has become {un}spiritual. Think about it. We are becoming experts at "cleaning" things of their spiritual roots. Yoga, Karate, sometimes even churches. We don't teach about spiritual things in lower levels of school at all, and even our spiritual schools are accused of becoming academically focused rather than spiritually minded.

There are various reports I hear about Canadians and Americans professing belief in God. Reports that declare large percentages believe.

There is an interesting and difficult theme as it relates to the God of the Bible, and His son Jesus. Repentance. God is the creative force of the universe and perfect. Most of us would freely admit we are not perfect, nor capable of creating matter at any level. God's laws or guidance on how to live are clear and understandable, and we need to correct to those laws when we are not in alignment with them. The Biblical and somewhat scary, humbling word that represents this process is to repent. To say sorry, to ask forgiveness of God and move back towards belief through adherence to the laws the One we claim belief in gave us. Jesus reiterated and became a permanent way to actually know God, a replacement to the old system of repentance that had to be be physically repeated. But you can't get around that word and the action it requires, repentance.

This is far deeper than a few paragraphs except it isn't. There is no such thing as an {un}spiritual God of the Bible. We cannot say we believe in Him and strip Him of all that He has given to us (The Bible, and the life of  His own Son Jesus) and our very life. When it comes to God, belief in Him requires acknowledgment and alignment with all that He is. Otherwise you may believe in something, but it is not the God of the Bible.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline

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