How does one handle adversity? There is a deep well of resources to go to for sure. I fundamentally try to refer to the Bible first, and I truly believe that all wisdom can be found there. The caveat to that statement is that I also believe we need to pray to God for eyes to see clearly, and to live in community with other believers to affirm what we think we are hearing and seeing.

In the end, it all points to a good God, who has our best interest in mind. These are actually difficult words for the abused, the war-torn, the sick, the poor, and then name your circumstance. I am literally rich in the context of the world, so how can my problems matter? Many, many always have it worse than me.

I guess my best thought is that the weight of our circumstance is relative to our lived experience. Constantly seeking perspective so we can maintain an attitude of thankfulness and gratitude is the challenge. I believe the weight of God’s love and ability to help and heal is always proportional to our need. 

So I look to the heavens, to God, to Jesus, where our help and hope come from.

In whatever you face, may I encourage you to do the same.

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