I have always associated the word passion with something positive. Far more linked to a calling, or something that really drives me. But the word is far more powerful than that. {definition} Maybe most importantly historically is that is refers to the Passion of Christ, his sufferings before His death..and subsequent resurrection. But the word is really an intensifier. A crime of passion is referring as much to the love that drives one to an inappropriate act, as it is to the in-saneness that has accompanied the break from reality that allowed the person to commit the crime.

I have heard it said that any passion that leads you towards positive work is valuable. For instance, hatred of injustice could spark the start of a charity as easily as a passion for performing could ignite an acting career. As I continue down this journey I am on, I am starting to realize that acting on some of my negative passions might be the pathway to growth and improvement not only in me but in life. I am passionate about music, I consider that a positive thing. But I am passionate about a great many things, many of which I would put in the negative category. My goal is to identify the useful ones and turn them into something positive.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline