So last night the “Buried Thoughts” tour continued. In fact, it continued at the church I was a pastor at for five years. I had Kevin Birch on drums and Fergus Marsh on bass. They are both amazing, and it was a great concert!! I am looking forward to booking out 2010, with this CD.


Back at The Well this morning which was great. One of the bigger crowds since this second year started (since I have been there) and the vibe was amazing. Definitely a place to hang if the westside of TO is your home and you want modern, or should I say post-modern, or should I say, well cool place to hang, nuff said.

The Studio

As I plan for the next project, work on creating a better studio space commences this weekend. Hopefully the new space is created by Jan, and I can get back to spending sometime writing etc. I also have to do some more recording of the kids, they are amazing.

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