So I spoke at a college today about FTC (where I work) and how one can engage in community outreach.

My approach was to give 6 perspectives on life, as it were, to help the students contextualize what they should be doing for the poor in our midst.


  1. The current state: over 10 million children die every year from hunger in the world
  2. What is my story (baggage) that effects my perspective on this matter (Gen X)
  3. What is there story (Gen Y)
  4. What about a leader’s perspective on addressing issues
  5. What does the Bible say?
  6. The great philosopher Jerry Seinfeld’s thoughts

My boss asked, “So did you preach?”

I responded, “well I think I talked about the issues and introduced them to FTC Canada.”

He said, “I think you preached, I know you, you always preach.” (paraphrased)

I am going to take that as a compliment:)

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