I recently read a post by Seth Godin where he talked about asking for referrals. One of his thoughts was if you have to ask for referrals then perhaps you don't deserve them. I completely agree that one's goal as they go out into the world and create and do work is to do work worth talking about. I do think that sometimes however, people don't realize how much they can help by mentioning, hitting a like button on Facebook, forwarding (not in that chain email way) something they do like. So I thought I would humbly ask for, well a referral:)
If you like this blog, let someone know. If you like my new CD, Buried Thoughts (this link to CD Baby download), send on the link. I am committed to continuing to create content, both on this blog and musically, which I hope adds value consistently to those that read/listen.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline