I am getting involved in many different conversations these days about music. I suppose to some I am an expert in the field. I would more say I have walked the road and learned some things. I have not achieved full-time status in music ever, so all I can offer are some tips.

In my experience a musician needs to create music, write songs. I suppose that makes you a more complete artist, but for me, that is the best route to go to make a living. From there, there are many marketing and revenue streams that open up to you. Although this is not exhaustive here are a few:

  1. Royalties from radio television and licensing.
  2. CD and Digital sales of your music
  3. Appearance fees
  4. Merchandise that supports or represents the music created

Creating and distributing all of these things is also a challenge. I think I will start a series of writings on this topic for you to follow if you are interested.

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