Ok, so this blog will not actually outline how to save the world. In a sense it is a day in the life blog. Many of my readers know my new day job is develop relationships and resources that will help feed children in Canada and around the world. It ends up being much more than that. You can’t feed sick children very well, and so if their life can be saved you give them medicine and then the food sticks as it were. Sometimes you help get them clean and healthy and keep them healthy, but the bottom line is to help them reach a baseline existence that is so far below our expectations it still seems like desperate poverty to us.

The story is simple, and the actions aren’t clever. They are simple. But we live in a complex developed society with market leaders in raising money – and of course we still have massive world child hunger. Sadly we still have incredible Canadian child hunger. I just want to buy them food, hook them up with a loving church community and say, ok now, get better. But it isn’t that simple is it. The great divide between church, state and the poor is massive. Yes we have Salvation Army and bright spots of hope through other successful churches in some communities. But the church is shrinking, its influence is shrinking, and the need is getting bigger.

So what is the innovation. In a world with staggering technology, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly (this blog is at least quick), how is it that we cannot actually as a Christ following people transform communties with lavished love. How can the x thousand of Christians from all denominations etc. not join to love every poor person into health, every orphan into family, every terminally ill person to their maker. I am cursed? with the utopian thought that we can and should. Moreover we must.

We have leaders studying to be better leaders and not learning that humility is what they lack most of all. I still marvel that the findings of Jim Collins the secular leadership guru were that great leaders possessed two qualities: humilty, and an unquenchable thirst to see the vision accomplished.

God help me find a way to do much, much more.

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