I had an interesting week. I was completely tired when Thursday night worship practice came around, and exercise that often lasts two hours. For whatever reason the band hit it amazingly that night. Great parts, a couple of unique arrangements, and in the end we were done in an hour. Hard to believe really.

Sunday morning came and the first service was great, really great worship. The second service I lost it. I don't know if anyone really noticed, I held it together kind of, but it was rough, and brilliant. God was there, and I suppose one way of saying it is that I noticed, I engaged.

Don't get me wrong, that is always the goal, but sometimes trying to lead and pull the band takes so much attention that as the leader there is not much brain space to engage with God. I have long posited that bands need to be semi-pro or better….this is why. When the music fades, because it is not effort to those playing, worship emerges. I spent two years in Toronto leading a church where we had pro bands, I felt like last Sunday almost every Sunday I led. I had forgotten. The congregation knows too. The band almost disappears when there is no train wreck coming, and they can "fall" into worship.

Although there may be some who find this philosophy of worship too exclusive or excellence driven, for me it keeps being proved over and over. God will show up whenever and to whomever He chooses, He just does. That doesn't negate the truth in Psalm 33:3, paraphrased, "Make a joyful noise to God, play skilfully to Him."

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