Yesterday I led worship at the Well with my friend's worship band. When I have the opportunity to play with new players I like them to influence the sound. We ended up using an arrangement on "Here I Am to Worship" which included a significant lick from a Switchfoot song. Pretty out there really, but effective, why?
There are many reasons why creating unique arrangements are effective. Here are three:
  1. When we have a body of music that is familiar enough to sing, then it can become predictable. Infusing a familiar song with an unfamiliar line rejuvenates our conscious and subconscious and has the effect of making the sentiment new, improving our focus on God.
  2. The musicians themselves are challenged and re-inspired, making their leadership and example more impassioned and effective.
  3. It is impressive or impressing. Whether we are musical enough to know it or not does not matter. Hearing something difficult played well and musically impacts us positively.
In the end, your average musician can't accomplish this kind of feat, one of the main reasons my time at the Well is so inspiring to me is that I get to play with such great players. To read more on my opinions on excellence in church music go to this post.
A friend of mine in ministry commented to me about the gait of Sunday. "Sundays", he said, "keep coming relentlessly." He really did not mean it negatively. He meant , I think , that the work of getting ready for Sunday is a non negotiable discipline. When we are able to bring something new, something different, something beautiful to bear every Sunday, then we please God and inspire others to do the same.
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