Integrity is really being consistent and honest about who you are and what you do. When people lack integrity, they create an environment of  derision. That environment might be their workplace, their friendship community, church or home, but if one lacks integrity whether one knows it or not, their reputation will disintegrate with those in their various spheres.

There is an interesting point here though. If one is a self-centred, unkind person, but is honest about who they are, there is generally less tension in all of their environments. In fact, a jerk who acknowledges their own narcissism generally manages which environments they will even participate in based on the fact that they have no interest in true friendships or family or church, they have interest in themselves and create environments around themselves that serve their interests. It is a sad state, but an honest one, and ironically people at least respect their integrity in representing their true self.

The tension filled spaces are created by those who are trying to portray a life of love, honesty, and “goodness”, but are in fact not living up to the facade and not admitting their own short-comings. {Note:admitting one’s shortcomings, apologizing, and trying and succeeding at improving actually creates a state of integrity} When one holds oneself up as a leader of anything, organization, church, family or business, it is vitally important that they check their actions against their pronouncements – daily. Without it, one will travel down the slippery slope of hypocrisy  unaware, or worse…..with some level of awareness.

How to read this? With yourself in mind. Although this may be a post that brings another to your consciousness, the best way to process this is in self-judgment. After all, we can only change the world one person at a time, if we are the change. (Cheesy but true)

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