All of us are intellectually dishonest sometimes. Sometimes it comes through necessary compromise (which hurts), or unnecessary self justification (which is self-serving), or just plain denial. The problem that has developed in society is there are very few willing to confront this dishonesty, because they know they are themselves caught in some level of the same pragmatic hypocrisy. This creates a cycle of never truly pursuing better ideas or thoughts (of a moral nature) because to do so calls those ideas of less superior merit into question, which is by default fraught with peril, due to the unfaltering criticism of those who dare to challenge Рwell, anyone or thing.
What then shall we do? The hope I suppose is that at varying levels, we see a few brave souls willing to take the criticism of the masses on to propagate better thoughts, better ways, for a better world. Those that will not only tackle the big problems of today like hunger and poverty, but also the "seemingly smaller ones" like poor parenting, lying and a general lack of respect and love.