I definitely think it is a struggle to keep constantly motivated. I also think it is tough to stay totally positive in the midst of high pressure and high goal setting. On top of that I think it is very difficult to keep balance across all areas of life in the midst of pushing on all fronts, positively with great motivation.

That is, however, what I think we need to do. I am reading a couple of John Maxwell books right now. In one of them he cites Edison as an example fo a incredibly positive thinker who succeeded through positive attitude and thought.

Many of the thoughts have caught my attention as I read these books. The one thought recently is this: Remain positive, hopeful, persevere, don’t give up.

I am totally pumped by the work I am doing both at church (and at home for the CD and book etc.) I am working out, trying to do even more with and for the kids, and the decision to keep it positive is helping me get up in the morning. When you decide life will be good, it tends to agree – even when all of the circumstances you ind yourself in are less than ideal.

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