A lot of reflection lately on many things. One of the things that has been bubbling to the surface again is purpose in life. As a middle leader in an church I often have to consider how am I doing at conveying the one important thing that all members of this community need to know and do. What is that thing. I think the answer is simple, the process is also simple, not particularly easy, but simple.

We are to make disciples of Jesus Christ Matthew 28:19 and of course be disciples by following the teachings of Christ, The Bible John 8:31. That is very Christian sub-culture language, but I do not know how else to say it.

As with anything it goes much deeper. Look at these thoughts on leadership:
link 1
link 2

One of them talks about Marcus Buckingham who talks about the need for clarity from a leader. I like the picture in the other article that shows the “one thing” a leader needs to be.

Nevertheless, I think this underscores some of my thinking and learning. You must be known for something. One thing. You must lead people towards one thing. That one thing may have incredible depth and breadth, but it must be clear and you must lead people towards it.

Simply, I need and want to be someone who follows the teachings of Jesus and helps others, who want to, do the same with passion and integrity. Not just a Christian nominally, not from the Christianese perspective a disciple because that’s the right term. In the end someone who says what they will do and be (this is part of that) and then outside the blogsphere (the hard part) actually does it. Oh yeah with depth and breadth.

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