Well the week continues and I have had guilt for not blogging enough. This week has been incredibly fun. Concert on Friday night went very well. Man I forgot what it was like to be your own set-up dude. (rodie?) It has been a long time since I was in need of renting, but the venue we were at demanded it, alas we did. The concert was great, as was the band. Reallya privilege to be able to work with these guys.

Today we are back to 2 services at church and we have a very cool Leadership Gathering happening at the church which I have coordinated and will be “producing” this evening. Then a heavy week getting ready for the Fusion Conference, a worship conference we are hosting at our church. Tuesday night meeting, Wednesday and Thursday rehearsals, a Cliff Cline concert here at Valley View to kick off the conference Friday night and then the whole day conference followed by two services and then I lead and speak at the Church Coffee House Sunday night. I think this will be the busiest stretch this fall, but there is still time to book more!