Well we are back. Back from an amazing week in Florida. Perfect weather and a great start to two weeks off.

Side note one. McDonald’s restaurants. Hit way too many of these on the way down and back for “potty breaks” and meals for the kids. They have more than lost their shine. The food is still eh and formulaic, which means consistent, but the facilities are ridiculously inconsistent. They are a failed dream in my opinion. They have nothing to offer, every place we went to is radically different, but one thing consistent. Very dirty, and generally poor service.

Side note two. Man it is cold up here. I guess that’s why we were there. God was good to us, perfect weather, and we missed the hurricane.

Man, absolutely poor opportunity for connectivity where we were down there. Tried a little dial-up and what not, but did not enjoy the experience, hence the lack of blogging. Kept me away from work, which was good, but also kept me away from the fun of working on some music stuff. Ah well, maybe a little more fun this week.

I shall blog a little more.

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