Buried Thoughts is a title and verse that I remember writing on the top floor of the library at Trinity Western University in my first year of university, over looking the pond at sunset. Yes, that was twenty years ago. It was written as a poem. Years later I ended up writing two more verses to that poem and then setting it to music. Very few have heard it, but they did seem to like it a lot, so I ended up not only putting it on this CD but naming the CD after it. Fair warning, it is an art song ala Leonard Cohen; poetry to music.

There are a couple of songs like that on the CD, but the rest of it is more accessible in terms of pop hooks etc. The production is really simple, piano, drums, bass and acoustic guitar, and I play flugal horn on one song!! It is also not a worship CD like my last one, but more of a listening CD. I am very excited about this project and the prospect of sharing it in concert on radio and the web this next year. You can pre-order it for $3 off right now – $12 (next two weeks only) and have it by September. Download version will be for sale the week of August 24th.

I have my next two projects conceptualized as well. Over the next few months I will unveil how there will be much more consistent content coming from my studio!!

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