Day four came with even more wonderful conversations with peers and pros. The ones I can remember (mostly because I got cards – see business cards still work!!!)

Don Koch, my goodness. You gave me tonnes of time (that's the Canadian spelling and a Canadian tonne is bigger than a imperical one!!). Thank you for the great teaching conversation. Sorry to gush, but you were very encouraging, thanks.…..You guys are very cool. Hey I like the foo foo fighters!!! All the best!!

Dave Mohr and Greg Cobb. Dudes, make it kay!! We will talk. Send me your stuff!!

Michael Ross, thanks for your time. Wealth of knowledge, you are….did that sound like Yoda or Gollum?? PS Michael is from Sweetwater, a their stuff….

Janelle Ross and Jamie Howe, thanks for the kind words about my music and the great conversations. Bless you in your work.

James Leo Oliver and Greg Brayton, dudes, you have great hearts and spirits. So great to meet you. Killer song dude.

The Wrap-up on Immerse

Well this might not be "it" but here it is. I was dissappointed not to make the finals of the artist competition, but I blame me. Should have chosen a more accessible song.

However, this has been the most encouraging musical week I have had in years. So many folk "loving" on my late night performances. Both pros and joes!!

If peers you think you are great reciprocate in large numbers, it usually means something. Woohoo.

So I am meeting an old friend tonight, it will be a highlight of the trip for sure.

Flying home tomorrow, can't wait to see my gorgeous bride and beautiful children. One more sleep!!

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