I was asked to speak at a nearby university (Ancaster, Ontario) called Redeemer University College at their “Church in the Box” monthly service last night. I hadn’t really researched the event itself, I was asked to speak at it through one of the students that from our church and was very pleased to go and be apart of it. I anticipated something similar to what I run for about 10 to 20 called The Church Coffee House. It had some of the same elements, except there were over 600 people in attendance last night. I was instantly humbled. I definitely didn’t feel worthy. Some things about the talk went better than I thought they might, from my perspective other things did not go as well I had hoped. Ultimately, I hope the message from God’s Word was heard over my nervousness. Ironically I have sung for thousands many times, I used to sing several times a month at a church of more than 3 thousand, but preaching and singing are different, and not anticipating the environment correctly is just, well, different. Alas, I would covet another opportunity like that. The worship was really good, the vibe was amazing. The potential for God’s kingdom to moved ahead through a ministry of that size is amazing. I pray that God will bless them richly, and if you are ever in that town, I recommend you check their online calendar and see if Church in the Box is on. It is worth a visit.