There is so much information out there, good solid, academically accumulated information. The challenge for everyone, I think, is clarity. Clarity of purpose, and of vision. Parsing through tasks and projects and quickly, instinctively knowing what matches up not, only with job description and charge, but one’s greater purpose in life, is so important.

As a Christian, the challenge becomes how does one focus on the greatest biblical mission in the midst of trying to do good. In essence, without being selfish, how does one continually self-improve, not for the sake of self, but to become “holy as God is holy”, to please God, while at the same time constantly working towards influencing others to consider the Christian life. To be a contributing part of a local church community. For clarification, the “contributing part” there does not mean fulfilling a task the church needs, rather it means being a catalyst in building loving relationships throughout the community, and therefore by definition, not doing the opposite.

Conclusion: I am struck with the simplicity of my purpose in this world. It is not to “succeed” as a Pastor, a musician, or any other role that can be applied to me. It is to grow deeper in my relationship with God, becoming a better human as I become more like Him, and a better lover of mankind through the strength and wisdom gained from further surrendering myself to God.

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