I have been going through a personal process for some time now. It is ongoing for sure. It is spiritual, and it is practical, and it is too big to unpack in one blog post, but I will try and give you encouragement from the encouragement I am gaining through this process.

I am doing several kinds of looking up right now:

To God: In a liberated way I am giving up. I am realizing that if I truly believe that Yahweh is the Creator of the universe and loves me, than I better be prepared to accept that He can and wants to make my life full and better. I have to believe so I am looking up to Him.

To the Future: I will combine two thoughts here. I believe the place that I am going is higher and better than where I am now. I am excited and hopeful for the future. I also realize that up means I will be working hard and climbing. Any place with a view has stairs.

To Positive Role Models: I am embracing a far more positive outlook, as the little train that could, I am embracing the hopeful statement of "I think I can." I am choosing to import into my being sermons, positive learning, positive music, well anything that speaks to the best that God can offer us in this world. Anything that can give me the vision to achieve my best here!!

Life is Good. Look Up.

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