If you are like me you have a lot on the go. If you are like me you dream of getting to the next place, that place where what your day is mainly made up of is the stuff that you either have to do (day job), or want to do (spend time with family, friends, and doing music).
For me the challenge is trying to get to the place where most of the bigger "to dos" are done. Fixing up the house so that everybody has what they need…closets that work, beds that fit, curtains that hang, a family room to hang out in, and , oh yeah, an office for daddy to keep all of his music stuff in!!
Well I am close to finishing a fairly major phase one of the "One Room Studio", and I am looking forward to coming home at night, spending time with the kids playing basketball on the drive, tucking in everybody, and then going down and writing and producing some new music.
I have two projects in mind. A worship EP and an "other" EP. One done by June the other by September. Should be fun.
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