I have a few things coming up that I thought you should know about. This Saturday I am doing a fundraising event for the Neighbourlink churches in Newmarket at Newmarket Alliance Church. I am doing several songs as part of a greater event. I am also going to be on national television next week on 100 Huntley Street, both as the musical guest, and being interviewed. Lastly, I have a gig in Etobicoke at Hilltop Bible Chapel. It should be an amazing intimate “unplugged” thing with acoustic guitar, percussion/drums, and myself on piano and vocals. I think it would be a great event to catch a different side of the music.

Anyway, just thought I would give a quick update to keep you in the loop and informed.

I am on the charts at Indieheaven again, but a long way down. If you think of it you can vote once a day at Indieheaven Radio. Just look for my song “We Cry Out”, click on it, look for my CD at the top and vote 5 stars and watch it climb!!