Like so many Canadian musicians I am a moonlighter. You take some of your precious “personal” time and you work away at creating something. Unfortunately that puts an emphasis on high productivity to get things done when you do have the time.

Last Thursday night was my first session recording the drums for my new CD. Unfortunately, despite my testing and preparation, I had equipment failure. My new M-Audio Project Mix I/O just quit. Now I have been incredibly happy with this board through pre-production and love it as an interface, but was obviously dissappointed. Drums set-up, sounding amazing and then – system failure.

It is still quite new, so warrantly should get me back on my feet and Long and McQuade will lend me one until it is back, so hopefully minimal down time on the project, but man a disappointing night.

Back at it soon, I will let you know how the next session goes.

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