This might in fact take in more than a month in review, but I thought I would mention some highlights.

We had an amazing time at a friends cottage last week. The weather was finally summer-ish and hot, and seeing the Cline’s, all six, paddling around in a canoe must have made a couple chuckle, but it sure brought joy to this Dad and husbands heart!! The rest was amazing, especially after what you will hear has been happening before it.

The CD, Buried Thoughts
It is finished and currently been replicated. It was an very intense couple of months pushing to get it finished. Not only did I have to finish the vocals and some other tracking, I mixed and mastered this one as well. Honestly, I am tickled with the quality for my first self-produced CD. I think you will love it too. The beauty is you can taste before you buy by listening to the single (and probably some more tunes soon) on the flash player on my main page..right now…really…go do it and then come back and read more. Or open it in another window and do both!!

It starts this weekend, and I hope it will continue with a fury, so feel free to help me get more gigs.

“Business Development”
I am marketing more than ever this time around, trying to let people know about the music and hopefully inspire them to support and use what I have created to build in their lives and others. I feel it is time to reach out more than ever, I am excited to see where it leads.

I feel like my trip to Nashville will be an evolving story for the next year or more. So many great connections and things learned that I need to get into my plans and actually implement. I hope that you will see the growth from that trip in many things I do for the next while!! You can read about some of it in my July and August posts below.

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