I have been invited to be part of a special Much is taping tonight. I
may not get a word in, but I will be there to source.

This last week has been surreal. Normally something like Haiti would
be a news item, something I would follow, raise and give money for and
to, and pray that things would work out.

Two and a bit years ago I moved from being a Pastor to working to help
feed kids in Canada and around the world at www.ftccanada.ca.

We have two partners on the ground in Haiti. I have friends working at
one of those places that we partner with. They have four kids there,
one is my eldest daughters age 10.

I am not a front line guy. I am an organizer, a talker, and show off,
a big mouth, and it has been time to use it all ( even if some of that
sounded negative) to help.

Dozens of hours of calls, getting a great team firing on more
cylinders than we have, getting a medical team to Haiti to help our
partners, our friends bring hope to Haiti. Raising awareness and money
to pay for the meds, people and supplies they so desperately need.

The team is there, day two and I am waiting for the stories that I
know will tear me up. And I am here, wishing I could do more.

I will say this, it is time for us that have to give something,
whether it be to my organization or another trusted one doing work
there right now. Lots of helping hands make the incredible work that
needs to be done a little lighter.

For news or to give: www.ftccanada.ca


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