Well I am trying to get over my fears of the technical. It is starting to work. I wouldn’t go as far as to say I am turning into a geek, but as it pertains to creating music and trying things out I am having a tonne of fun.

I am currently starting to lay down some demos of new songs I have written this past year. The equipment I currently have is pretty humourous:

  1. Dell Pent 3 866
  2. Cubasis VST
  3. Audiophile 2496 audio accelerator card
  4. Beringer 8 channel mixer (four “mic pres”)
  5. Korg O1/W

The rest is not worth mentioning. Perhaps to some the above wasn’t. Anyway the real fun is in learning the technology available. Free drum samples on the web, syncing things up, seeing your songs come to life with “bed tracks” etc.

I have much more to learn, but I can sure see how guys get addicted to the engineering/producing/mixing side of things. There really is alot of creative outlet in there.

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