I preached last Sunday morning for the first time in the morning service at my church. I haven’t tallied how many times in this past year I have preached at the Coffee House, but it should be up in the teens. Nevertheless, it is a different vibe speaking to a bigger crowd at two services than to 20 to 30 in an intimate setting. Frankly, it is easier to speak to a larger crowd, at least it was for me.

The point, though, was the learning. Now hopefully people got some good content from the way that I spoke from the Bible. The positive, strong and plentiful feedback would indicate that was the case – very encouraging. It was also encouraging to feel like that forum was not above me, that I was well received and effective.

Preaching in a church environment is not about ego or status, but when you feel like God has laid on your heart the desire to share His word, and has given you the ability to communicate it – it is a very fulfilling thing to get the opportunity to do it. Fun, really fun.

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