It feels like I am writing a lot about the CD to come. I have spent a fair amount of time thinking about all aspects of it this last week. Production, marketing, tour support, all of those things. For sure part of it has been invigorating and, of course, a big part of it is stressful. There has been a great progression people getting into my music since the release of “Noticing the Sky”, I am very excited about the prospect of building that even further, and hopefully adding value to peoples lives through the art that I can create. The most encouraging comments are the ones from people who describe how this song or that has helped them through a tough spot, or in their daily or weekly walk for a time.

That being said, it continues to be the process of producing this CD that is juicing me. I have set an aggressive target date for release, but I am not going to share it publicly – yet. All that to say, I am thinking sooner than later – it’s the carrot to keep coming back here and reading. All that to say it will be months.

Some of the tracks are really coming alive in this stage of the production. (Still pre-production really) I am excited for where this CD is going. I think it is going to represent a new flavour for me, and from all aspects that excites me. I think it represents growth in several areas, musicianship, writing, singing, arranging, producing and more. That alone is making it all worth while.

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