One of the words that has really been {re}emphasized in my life lately has been {re}creation. I remember hearing a pastor talk about the fact that the root of the word {re}creation is to {re}create. To {re}create ourselves. His point was that we need to find a way to consistently {re}energize ourselves for life and ministry by {re}creating our emotions, our spirits our bodies etc.

I think there are two components of {re}creation (to be simple):
1. Doing something we enjoy that makes us feel better in some or all of the above areas;
2. The second is intentionally going for a {re}fill from a source of high intensity or purity.

I think most of us get some, probably not enough in our own minds, of number one. Golf, vacations, date nights etc seem to do the trick in {re}juvenating us a bit. I think very few of us get the second right very often at all, yours truly very included.

To put it simply I think to be the best humans that we can be (and by that I don’t mean musician, or business person, or homemaker, whatever) I mean a person who positively impacts everyone around them. Someone who is loving, humble, kind, gentle etc, I think you have to go to the source. I think you need to spend “alone time”, call it meditation, prayer, devotional, journaling, whatever you like, as long as it means going to the purest source of these things. I believe we were created to be these best things, and the best place to be transformed into more of that kind of person is alone with the Creator – God. If you are looking to be a better person, more fulfilled. {Re}create yourself, by going to your Creator.