Man it has been one of the most trying times I have ever experienced. I know you are not supposed to question your own leadership in a public forum like a blog, but let’s just call it analysis.

Being a good leader I have often heard is not simply about setting a vision, but mainly about taking people through to the realization of the vision. Drawing a sketch but then actually building the town.

So the past several weeks have been: a trip to Nashville, personal concerts, several church services, and a conference that took major effort and expense. Absolutely none of the aforementioned were wild and famous ‘successes’, and yet, they all created forward movement towards a vision that has been painted. I guess the hard part is that most of us are so worn out from achieving the events we haven’t experienced the joy of accomplishment. Some of us have experienced the opposite. I think several lives were challenged and changed for the better through these experiences, comments like “this has been life changing” tipped me off!:). Nevertheless I now need to go to a more restful quiet place where I listen to the the feedback waves along the shore of the past few weeks and see if there are things to be changed – maybe some major things.

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