We were invited out to camp this weekend by some new friends. People we truly like and want to get to know better. It became somewhat of a running joke, after the first conversation when my lovely bride informed the group, they would never get me to go. Why? I truly dislike camping. Not only does it not make me feel better, it drains me. Hey, I am older and wiser, and I know I will find a way to bond with these great people, but like the hulk being green, they would not have liked me camping!


Conversely some great friends did the last minute, "come by for a swim and burgs", call! We went and had an amazing leisurely afternoon with solid conversation and fantastic family time… Energizing!


Now you may conclude from this that I am simply a wimp, but I would posit there is something deeper here.


We all need to know what feeds us and what drains us, and when we can afford to spend of ourselves, and when we need to fill the tank. I am incredibly convicted in my life that there a several areas I need to move forward, and I am constantly on the edge of spent, so I am seeking rejuvenating activities.


What about you? Is there something that you need to find the energy to do? If you are dogged tired you won't likely go for a run. If you are mentally drained, you probably won't create much of anything. Life is a balance, and most of us want to contribute more. Are you making sure you have the energy to realistically get it done? Find a way to rejuvenate you, and then start knocking things off the list.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline

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