So I am taking this Sunday off, and in fact the next couple of days. I think I have done a very poor job of relaxing for some time now. And by relaxing I do not mean to say sitting on the couch and trying to take a load off. I do mean spending quality time with God, my wife and kids and doing the the things that keep all aspects of who I am as healthy as possible. Last January I started eating better and running and managed to lose 20 pounds and felt way better. Well that took me until May, and since then I have not been discipined in either area. I have managed, by the skin of my teeth, to keep at the weight I got to – so now I need to go to the next phase – another 20 pounds before Christmas. Although I am no where close to as cool as my buddy Sven
( I am trying to motivate myself anyway I can to run more and improve. The chart below is where I am starting from the last couple of days. Tomorrow will be an improvement I would think, and then the chart will be more interesting to look at over time.

Anyway, thought I would bring some of the mundane into the blogsphere!!