One of the folk I have been learning from lately is Seth Godin. Besides trying to read his blog regularly, I read his most recent book Linchpin. One of the things I really appreciate about his writing is that he is a motivator. Consistently positive. One of the key things that I am trying to practice from his writing is "shipping it". Aiming at something and not only trying, but to quote Yoda, "Try not, do or do not" (something like that), but actually "gettin' er done"

But that is hard isn't it!? With family to pay attention to, a house to care for, money to earn, there seems to be very little capital (time or cash) to spend to make other things happen, or at least happen faster. Right now I have several areas that I need to push forward, and I have read and try to practice the David Allen-esk "Getting Things Done" way of being, but sometimes, I think you need to simplify even more than that.

What I am trying to do is one thing to move something forward everyday. (work doesn't count, I move several things forward most days). But in terms of those other emphasis areas (family, spiritual, music etc) if I can start to close one item everyday then I should ship more.

Why is this important? A friend of mine once taught on creation (from the Bible), and brought an interesting point to light. When God created Adam and Eve in the garden there was perfection. In perfection Adam and Eve were supposed to work, to create, to enjoy the earth and all that was there for them. In perfection that was to be humans reality. Now the world is far less than perfect, but if we practice this one thing: create something that makes the world a better place everyday, however small, then hopefully over time we will be net contributors to this great planet.

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