How to get from our starting point to our end point? When I worked in the financial services field as a salesman, I remember so many of the most successful people recounting their way to "the top". The grinding it out in the trenches as it were. There were very few rocket ship stories. It took them all a few years, or the equivalent in hours worked, to get there.

What struck me the most is that it was the little things they all did. Emails, returning phone calls, making cold calls, keeping things ordered and never letting up. It really did not seem like rocket science. So how do you stay motivated to do the mundane, because it is the hard work of creating and building that leads to success, and frankly, it never changes. A trick is to break the little things down into increments.

You want to send 50 emails today – just do 5 right now. You want to redecorate your house on a dime, spend 15 minutes tonight surfing the web for sites that give tips on that, gather ideas for your next step – tomorrow. Progress is not only encouraging, each little increment builds until you have shipped one little thing, one goal, you win!

If you are having trouble getting started, break your goal down and do something…just a part of a little thing, and keep "shipping" those increments. Write down your progress in a notebook. In a week, you will be smiling!

Posted via email from Cliff Cline

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