Those of you that know me, or that have listened to more than one of my Cds knows there is a theme of coffee that runs through, well most things to do with me. Well the other night coming home from a gig I buy a tall latte (Starbucks bien sur). You know, keep me awake for the drive home. The Justy doesn’t have a cup holder, so I place the drink temporarily on the dash. You guessed it, it spills all over. No need to buy another, the anger seething through my veins kept me awake.

Humid weather we are having don’t you think? I have shop vac’d the car, Febreezed the car etc. What a stink.

Well, one of my freinds and readers is about to fall off his chair, because he knows how much:
a) I hate tinkering and doing manual labour and;
b) Working with tools on a job I have no familiarity with.

So I decide I have to get this carpet out. I mean out of the car until I can decide how to clean/get rid of it if need be. The problem with that of course is you have to take the seats out of the car. Kind of scary.

Well the Justy is stripped like an old piece of furniture. Pictures to follow – you wil laugh.

No, that does’t mean I am giving up coffee. Cream and lattes in the car, maybe, but let’s not get crazy. I usually drink it black anyway. Americano anyone?

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