For whatever reason I really like that song of a couple of years ago. We all have bad days. For me I often find that bad days are about me. How I have been treated (rightly or wrongly), what didn't go my way or as I planned. I also find it is about what I expected as reward, money, sales whatever. For me the last couple of years have represented huge accomplishment without matching reward. Kind of have had that bad day feeling quite a bit.
But what do you do with that? I try and fight it. At the end of any day there are two things that are true. Life isn't always fair, and what we did with what we are given matters. I write songs to try and inspire, or push people into a better day. I volunteer in church situations to help propel my belief that the best way to live is within the reality of the teachings of Christ under girded by the faith that the assertions of His deity are true. I work at a children's charity everyday because I believe that pragmatically, actually helping children eat and live is one of our highest honours and calls as a human family.
I suppose we always hope for more for ourselves at some level. It is pretty hard to turn "self" off, but everyday it needs to not be about me. There are thoughts that need expressing, good deeds that need doing, and a bigger picture of making the world a better place that must be achieved incrementally. To use a Biblically example that is still helping me through my bad days, I am still sewing, and watering, and fertilizing, the harvest comes in the fall.

Posted via email from Cliff Cline