I don’t know if I have ever been so humbled by how stupid I am. You see, I believe in Jesus Christ (that’s not the stupid or wrong part). For years now I have called the place where I gather with other believers church. The building we meet in church. I have said stupid things like you should come to our church.

Christians en masse are the church. Wherever we gather, we are the church – at least potentially. If you are a Christian you can’t really stop going to church, you can only stop doing the things Jesus said we need to do and be to be the church, which is Christians being as God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit would have us be together and apart.

If Christ were to come back for His bride tonight (tonight to us in Toronto anyway) we would most likely be asleep in bed. OH NO, we are not at church (the building), so we are not the church (Christ’s followers, the bride of Christ), so to hell with us – literally – NOT.

I think we have been living the language we speak, and the language we speak belies what Christ and God’s word, the Bible, tells us being “the church” is. Every minute we follow Christ’s teaching more fully, we are set more free (John 8:31-32) to be His followers, and let me think, think, think, what’s the word – to be His church across denominations, platforms, organizational models, and blah, blah, blah. Live it more with more people. Sounds good to me.

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